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“Environmentally friendly activities and provision of safe products”
This is the unchanging corporate attitude of Potters Ballotini.

Various glass products are brought into our factory, which isn't waste, but important raw materials to be reborn as glass beads. Classified by composition and other factors, the glass was made into products under strict process control to serve society again. We have learned and put into practice many things by having been involved in the process in which glass circulates in the world. Therefore, through our business, we know how important it is to promote resource recycling.

Strict quality inspections are done to ensure that no harmful substances are mixed in with raw materials. We strive to be environment-friendly from storing raw materials, to manufacturing and shipping. We always ensure employee health, and also do research and development to find out how to meet customer needs without using harmful substances. As a business, we have continued to make efforts to ensure safety, reduce waste, and improve quality.

Our glass beads are highly evaluated and trusted by many customers, thanks to the achievements we have cultivated since our founding. In addition, we have acquired ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification, and we are constantly conducting research and development with quality and environmental protection in mind.


Activities that consider environmental conservation and provision of safe products.
This is the unchanging corporate attitude of Potters Ballotini.

■ISO9001 Certification

Acquired ISO9001 certification at all offices. Without being satisfied with the status quo, we are promoting further improvements in quality and continuous improvement of our quality assurance system.

■ ISO14001 Certification

The entire company works together to promote environmentally friendly business activities, and all offices have acquired ISO14001 certification. We are actively working to protect the global environment.

■ JIS R 3301 Certification

Our products are JIS R 3301 certified. We have established a production system and equipment that are considerate of the local community and the environment. JIS R 3301 certification number JQ0308019

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Social contributions

Environmental beautification and local initiatives

■ Ibaraki Prefecture Road Foster Parent System

The Ibaraki Prefectural Road Foster Parent System is a system in which prefectural roads are “fostered” and local volunteer groups are established. It is a system that cleans roads, weeds, and takes care of flowerbeds, comparing them to "foster parents." In January 2005, Potters Ballotini was certified as the first corporate foster parent in Ibaraki Prefecture. We are striving to contribute to the local community by picking up trash, beautifying and cleaning roads, and ensuring the safety of school routes.


HSSE mission

■ HSSE missions of Health, Safety, Security, and Environment

Potters Ballotini places top priority on the health, safety, security and environmental protection of its employees, visitors, contractors, customers and communities.

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