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1966 Potters Industries Inc. and Toshiba Corporation jointly invested in
     Established Toshiba-Ballotini Corporation
1967 Tokyo Plant opened in Ota Ward, Tokyo
    Started production of industrial glass beads for road marking paint
1972 Opened the Kansai Plant in Hyogo Prefecture.
1973 Established and joined the Japan Glass Beads Association (JGA)
1975 Closed the Tokyo Plant and moved the Kanto Plant to Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

1977 Started production of glass beads for fillers
1980 Started production of silver-coated glass beads
1983 Started manufacturing Plashot and large glass beads
1989 Started manufacturing glass beads  
1993 Japan Industrial Standard JIS R 3301 Obtained permission to display glass beads for road marking   paint
1999 Acquired ISO14001 certification
2000 Acquired ISO9001 certification
2001 Transferred shares held by Toshiba Corporation to Potters Industries LLC.
         Company name changed to Potters Ballotini Co., Ltd.
2005 As a company contributing to the community and the environment,
Acquired Ibaraki Road Foster Parent System certification for the first time in the prefecture
2008 Acquired Japanese Industrial Standard New JIS R 3301 Glass Bead Display Certification for Road Marking Paint
2010 Established "Nippon Highway Materials Co., Ltd.", New company selling glass beads for road marking  paint
2013  Nippon
 Highway Materials Co., Ltd. was transferred to company MITA
2014 100th anniversary of Potters Industries LLC.
2016  Potters Ballotini 50th Anniversary
2017  Closed the Kansai Plant and integrated it into the Kanto Plant

2023  50th anniversary of joining the Japan Glass Beads Association (JGA)

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