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Innovating Responsibly


Glass beads are natural material filled with excellent features 

Makes road markings visible even in the dark as if they were shining.

Removes burrs and provides a smooth metal surface. A variety of bead sizes are available

By adding glass spheres as polymer additives, plastic polymers will be applied a variety of functional properties. 

Grind particles in liquid down to nanometer level.
A variety of article sizes are available  according to your application.



Through the development of environmentally friendly glass beads, we aim to realize a society where people can live comfortably.

Potters Ballotini Co., Ltd. has contributed to various fields of society and industry as a leading glass bead manufacturing company in Japan since its establishment. Many people may not be aware of their existence, but glass beads are a material that is used in many places in our everyday lives.


Quality and the Environment


We have acquired ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications.

We aim to realize a recycling-oriented society For customer satisfaction and global environmental conservation.

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Mar 2023   English website has been opened
Feb 2023   Website has been renewed.

Oct 2022   New product development information has been posted.
Jan 2018   ISO9001:2015 certification acquired at all offices.
Aug 2017   ISO14001:2015 certification acquired at all offices.
Sep 2016   Potters Ballotini celebrates its 50th anniversary 
Jun 2015   JIS R 3301:2014 (Glass beads for road marking paint)
                 certification acquired.

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