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Features of Glass Beads

Glass beads are eco-friendly material with outstanding features.

■ Strong material that is chemically stable
Glass has excellent features such as transparency, resistance to water and chemicals, thermal stability, and hardness. Glass beads processed into a spherical shape are impact-resistant and extremely stable materials. Since it does not contain ingredients that are harmful to nature and can be recycled, it is expected to be applied to various fields.

■ "Retroreflective properties" that reflect light in the opposite direction
Glass beads have "light retroreflection properties" that return incident light to the direction of the light source. When a car is driven at night, light from the headlights enters the glass beads embedded in the paint on the road surface, and the light is efficiently returned to the driver. Glass beads, which enhance visibility at night, are indispensable for road infrastructure development.

■ Polish and temper metal with blasting
By blasting metal parts made from molds, excess burrs can be removed and metal surfaces can be finished smoothly. A variety of particle sizes can be chosen according to your needs.

■ Optimal properties as a filler
Glass beads are chemically stable and do not react with other substances, so they can be used as a plastic filler, etc. In addition, since the glass beads themselves are hard and have small thermal expansion, they prevent deformation when the plastic shrinks and also increase strength.

Chemical Properties of Glass
Glass is chemically stable and has excellent water and chemical resistance.


Physical properties of glass
It is a material that is transparent, hard and has excellent heat resistance.

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