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■Solid Glass Spheres

Isotropic, easy flow, and countermeasure of plastic deformation. Ideal for precision molding.


  • Isotropic in nature. High fluidity and dispersibility. Distortion in plastic composite is evenly distributed, which helps less deformation and is ideal for precision molding

  • Plastic compounds do not increase so much viscosity even under high loading of glass spheres, which helps easy handling.

  • Hard and highly heat-resistant. Solid glass spheres improve plastic properties and create high added value.


Main use

  • Resins: Weight reduction, viscosity adjustment, improvement of whiteness, dimensional stability, dimensional accuracy (sink marks and warpage), wear resistance (slidability), surface hardness, heat resistance,

  • Films: Anti-blocking, UV protection

  • Various paints: improvement of surface hardness, matting of surface

  • Others

A glass beads for filler
E glass beads for filler
multi glass beads

Silane coupling treatment

Solid glass spheres coated with silane coupling agent are available in order to enhance adhesion of resin and glass spheres. Best coating agent for each resin type is available.

Type of coupling process supported
  Effect of silane coupling treatment
Coupling untreated.jpg

​Bonding of silane coupling agent and resin

Coupling treatment product.jpg

Bonding of non-untreated particle and resin

Principle of silane coupling treatment
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