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■Hollow Glass Spheres


We offer a variety of hollow glass beads that can be given functions such as weight reduction and heat insulation.


  • The specific gravity of the product itself is low, and when filled with resin, it is 20 to 30% lighter than solid balls.

  • It has excellent fluidity, abrasion resistance, and impact resistance.

  • It is possible to add functions such as heat insulation, heat retention, sound insulation, and soundproofing.


Main use

  • Filling in various resins: Weight reduction, improvement of whiteness, improvement of dimensional stability, improvement of warpage

  • Filling in various paints: Heat insulation, heat insulation, heat retention, sound insulation

  • others


SEM photo of hollow glass beads
* Artificially divided to show the hollow.

Q-CEL® Series

Save energy with heat retention effect and reduce cost with volume increase effect.
It has excellent workability and can be used for various purposes from putty and adhesive.

Q-CEL®, an inorganic hollow glass with high sphericity, is an epoch-making multi-functional filler that makes the base material lighter and provides heat insulation and sound insulation properties.
Realize the development of new applications and contribute to environmental activities such as energy saving.

Main use
Adhesive, putty, sealing material, plastic filler material, explosive (sensitizer)


Hollow glass bead Q-CEL® optical micrograph


It helps reduce the weight of molded products and improves their water resistance and strength.

Non-dissolving, high strength, and effective in stabilizing the dimensions of precision molded products.
These microspheres enable high-density packing and play a role as a thixotropy-imparting agent.
High-performance borosilicate glass filler that promises high performance.

Main use
Adhesives, putties, sealants, plastic filler materials, sensitizers (emulsion explosives)


SEM photo of Spherecel® 110P8

Ceramic Multi-Cellular series

multifunctional ceramic balloon


  • SEA porous foam filler that achieves a high heat resistance temperature of 1000°C by lamic.

  • It has excellent acid resistance and is used to reduce the weight of many synthetic products.

Main use
Paints, building materials (wall
materials, synthetic wood)


Ceramic Multi Cellular SEM photo

■ Extendospheres® series

Aluminosilicate porous lightweight additive.

A general-purpose grade used mainly for housing equipment and building materials as a lightweight aggregate that provides heat and sound insulation.

Main use
Paints, building materials (wall materials, concrete, synthetic wood)


Exterior photo of Extendospheres™ SG


Extendospheres™ SG SEM photo

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